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Key Information on Wild Safari Slots Game

Wild Safari is a 5 reels and 20 pay line game. With a theme based on an African Safari, things can get pretty wild and all the animals wear a dollar smile. A jackpot of 40,000 x stake per line can be won and the game features a Free Spins Bonus Round where whole reels are wild!

Key Information on The Great Pyramid Slots Game

The Great Pyramid is a 3 reels and 1 pay line slots game, with so many features you are almost guaranteed to strike gold. With holds, nudges, a note trail bonus round and a Great Pyramid Bonus feature, the wins will keep coming. If not the Super Spin is offered randomly which can also award a win.

Key Information on Snapshot Slots Game

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t miss out on Snapshot slots, a 5 reel and 20 pay line game. You can win up to 10,000 x the bet ber line and there is a Free Spins Bonus Round. Have your camera ready to capture the wins.

Key Information on Riverboat Gambler Slots Game

Sail down the beautiful Mississippi with Riverboat Gambler - a 5 reels and 20 pay line slots game. The top prize is 40,000 x stake per line, so I would not miss out if I were you! With the Free Spin Bonus Round and special multiplying wild symbols this game is one to not be missed.

Key Information on Randalls Riches Slots Game

Randall made his fortune mining caves and he hid all his treasue in an unknown location. So join Able and Mable in their quest to find his riches, which are a top prize of 10,000 x stake per line. This slots game also features a Pick Axe Bonus Round and a Search for Randall's Riches Bonus Round AND multiplying wild smbols. Packed full of fun and riches, do not miss out.

Key Information on Pirate Radio Slots Game

Ahoy matey! Pirate Radio slots is a 5 reel and 20 pay line game. X marks the spot with this slots game that offers a booty of 40000x stake per line. This game also feature a Free Spins Bonus Round and a Pirate Bonus Round with special 'pirate only' reels. Shiver me timbers!

Key Information on Jackpot Cherries Slots Game

Jackpot Cherries is a 3 reel and 1 pay line slot machine that will take you back to the days of classic, arcade-style game play. There are a number of features on offer that can help maximise your wins, so do not miss out and take a bite of that cherry! There are a variety of Holds and Nudges on offer and the Super Spin - maximising your win chances.

Key Information on It Came From The Moon Slots Game

Stop the aliens from taking over the earth and pay It Came from the Moon slots! This 5 reel and 20 pay line slots game features a Space Invadors Bonus Round where you will have to shoot the Mother Ship to win an extra prize. This game is based on 1950's comic book action and will have your pulse racing.

Key Information on High Rise Slots Game

High Rise slots is a classic style - 3 reel and 5 pay line slots game. You will come across the classic slot symbols, offering a simplistic game play that is truly relaxing. A sexy little bonus is that the game offers a gamble feature and clumped fruits provide multi-line payouts, in true classic style.

Key Information on Bullseye Slots Game

Think you can hit the target? Then try out Bullseye, a 3 reel and 5 paylines slots game. A maximum jackpot of 500x the stake per line is possible to win on this thrilling game. Not only this but you can also try your hand at the Bullseye Bonus Round where a Full House will hit the bullseye and land you a great payout.

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