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The Playground

The Playground

The bell has gone and your homework can wait, it’s time to head to The Playground!

Leave your cares behind with 5 chances to bag some extra pocket money, every day, twice a day. You can come and play for free using the free cards you’ve earned in The Extra room – nice work! Or to increase your chances of winning, pick up more cards for just a penny each. Activate your free cards now by clicking into the Playground room – and if you like you can top up and max out for just 48p!

Our playground games play twice a day – once on your lunchbreak and once after school. The good news is that each game is a Prebuy so can you can swing past and buy your lucky cards at any time, then carry on with your day safe in the knowledge that you’re in the game – after all, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Your £25 Jackpots are only a hop, skip and jump away, so come and say hi soon in The Playground bingo room! 

Room: The Playground games play every day at 1pm and 10pm. Play with the free cards you’ve earned in The Extra room – just activate your free cards by entering The Playground room at any time. These Playground bingo games are prebuys so you can also enter the room and buy cards for the next game at any time.

Prize: £25 jackpots, £5 a line

Game type: 5 line bingo, Prebuy

Players: All players are eligible for all the gobstopping…

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