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Extra Surprise

Extra Surprise

Find out what the Extra Surprise is this week! Bingo on the letter M and you could win a mystery prize worth £50-100!

Every week, Bingo Extra gives you the chance to inject a little mid-week mystery into your life. Simply head to the Extra Surprise room and bingo on the letter M for Mystery for a guaranteed surprise treat! These 75 ball pattern games play weekly, so there are plenty of chances to be a an Extra Surprise room winner. What’s more, you can prebuy your lucky cards for the next game right now - there’s no need to wait until the game is about to begin - so don’t delay, grab your chance to receive a mystery gift in the post today!

As for the prize, well, we’re keeping it a secret of course! But we can tell you that it will be worth a tantalising £50 to £100 – ooooo what could it be?!

Head to the bingo room that would make Cilla proud… Surprise, Surprise: your mystery gift is waiting for you in the Extra Surprise room!

Life is full of small surprises
It's a never ending game
If nothing is impossible
Will you believe your eyes
If the unexpected brings a smile
That's a big surprise… 

Room: The Extra Surprise game plays every Thursday at 9pm

Prize: It’s a Surprise! But we can tell you the prize value will be between £50-£100, and you’re going to LOVE it!

Game type: 75 Ball bingo, Prebuy, Linked

Players: Funded surprise-lovers only.  Simply top up your account to play for your mystery prize in the Extra Surprise room

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