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The Candy Store

The Candy Store

Head on down to the Candy Store, boy oh boy do we have some tasty treats for you!

Heavenly home of our popular 75 ball bingo games, the Candy Store plays out sweet pattern after sweet pattern – grab your dabber and see which ones are luckiest for you!

Look out for our Guaranteed Jackpot games in the morning, where you’ll never get less than £15 for a win – a lovely bit of pocket money for the playground. Then go loopy for our sliding jackpots games in the evenings, where for the cost of a 5p chew you could bag up to £100 cash!

But wait there’s more….

W is for ‘Winner!’. And ‘Wooohoooo!”. And “WOW I just grabbed a whopping £8,000!” So… bingo on the W pattern and you could be shouting all those things as you walk away with the 75 Ball Progressive Jackpot (PJP)! It’s the ultimate sweet-tooth surprise starting at a minimum of £8K and it can be yours for no extra cost whatsoever – just look out for the star that tells you the next game is for the 75 Ball progressive pot, and fill your boots!

So, be sure to swing by The Candy Store today - pick and mix your cards to try every flavour of jackpot!


Room info: Open on your way to school and on your way home again – spoil your dinner from 8am-1am


Fixed/sliding jackpots

08.00 Guaranteed £15
08.30 Guaranteed £15
09.00 Guaranteed £15
17.00 Sliding £20-£100
20.00 Sliding £20-£100
21.00 Sliding £20-£100
22.00 Sliding £20-£100


Game type: 75 Ball bingo, Linked

Players: All players are eligible for all the gobstopping…

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