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The Diner

Welcome to The Diner – We Are Open! And if you’re hungry for a bit more from your bingo, you’ve come to the right place – place your orders for higher stakes with your chips and bigger jackpots with your dips!

Take your time and check out our full menu, we’ve got games that range from 20p per card to £1, with some delicious prizes to match.

Select a bigger table for our bingo Party Games, where you’re invited to snatch a linked jackpot with your fellow diners and other players from our sister sites – the more people who play, the bigger the cash prizes so bring your friends and family!

What’s more, you can supersize your games order with our 90 Ball Progressive Jackpots (PJPs) and fill up on Lucky Number PJPs that can be won on EVERY game all day during room opening hours, at no extra cost.  You could even order yourself a 20p standard bingo card and find yourself being served a massive BLT – Bingo Lotto Triumph – of a minimum of £5,000!

So, satisfy your appetite for bigger bingo and don’t forget to leave a tip – ours is to get unlimited wallet refills at The Diner today! 

Room info: Open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and late night snacks: 10am-1am UK time.

Promos: Party Games – linked rooms – everyone’s invited! Progressives Jackpots - 90 ball PJP and Lucky Numbers PJP, on every game at no extra cost.

Prizes: Various fab cash prizes including PJPs, that start at £5,000 and keep on growing.

Game type: 90 ball bingo, Linked

Players: All players are eligible for all the gobstopping…

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