Best Photo Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to upgrade your photography skills.

Footballers Wives and Girlfriends

Who are the most popular wives and girlfriends of the high-profile professional athletes? 

Tribute to Jerry Lewis

Discover the fantastic life and legacy of one of the greatest comedian of all time!

Tribute to Elvis Presley

It's been fourty years since the King of Pop left this world... Let's remember the blissful memories he left!

Timeless 1950s Trends

Don the trendy retro fashion clothing and accessories to have the flawless modern look!

Cook With Cola

Did you know that you can cook with the much loved fizzy drink? 

Spring Picnic

It's not too hot nor too cold, lay down your blanket and enjoy the freshness of the weather! 

Go Green!

How can we live lightly on earth and save at the same time? Bingo Extra brings to you some ideas on how to GO GREEN! 

Best Things To Do in Winter

What's the best things to do when it's cold outside? Obviously not stay in! Check out the top things to do! 

Homemade Sushi Ideas

"Bite Me"... is what the tasty Sushi keeps telling! Have a look at our easy recipe to make it at home!

When to Put Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas will be here shortly! Do you know when the symbol of Christmas (Christmas Decos) should go up? 

Santa Is Coming To Town

The festive season is finally here at Bingo Extra! Get into the celebration spirit with Christmas themed slots!

Extra Luck: Scorpio

A Scorpio is a real softy, like a coconut… However, they simply never back down! Honesty is the best policy! Are you a Scorpio? It’s your month to rule, so go for it!

British Champions Day

Did you watch the breath-taking finale of the British horse racing season? It was the nation’s richest ever race day…  Top jockeys and horses competed for a record-breaking £4.26 million purse!

Happy Halloween!

From costume ideas to spooky slots - we've got all you need for an EXTRAordinary Halloween 2015! 


Do you enjoy the messy - and wacky - World Pudding Throwing Championships? It's happening this Sunday so bring your lucky black pudding to throw! 

How do you like your cuppa?

We all love a good cuppa! But not all prefer milk or sugar... Tell us more on how you prefer your daily elixir! 

Extra Luck - Virgo

Come on Virgos, it your month of reign! Show us what you've got! 

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Step this way for our Wimbledon highlight this year - a true underdog tale with a winning finish! 


All you need to be happy is some love and bingo! But a little chocolate now and then won’t do you any harm either…


Outdoor snacking is perfect mini-break from the hectic pace of life - even more so with these 12 perfect Picnic Tips! 


Learn how to growl just Chewbacca! Follow the social media tutorials at Bingo Extra today >>> 


Father’s Day is on Sunday 19th June.  That’s still 10 days away, but let’s be extra prepared, and smugly show up our brothers and sisters shall we? :)


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Extra Extra, Read All About It!
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Leap Year Extras

An Extra day to make your dream come true! Step this way for Leap Year luck >>>

Cupid's Calendar

Step this way for Cupid’s Calendar – your definitive guide to special Valentines games and events at, good luck! 


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Forget Celebrity Big Brother: we’ve got Celebrity Big Spinners! Famous slots are heading into the Bingo Extra house... which one gets your vote? 


Whether you’re putting up your tree, getting ready for the office party, or hitting our chat games - crank up these Tinsel Tunes to get your on your merry way!

Party Picks

Your definitive guide to the top games and promos this party season at Bingo Extra!

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Whether you’re entertaining guests or not this December, add a little extra fun and sparkle to your home with these quick and easy holiday decorations…


The hairiest month of the year is in full swing here at Bingo Extra... yes, it's MO-vember!


We've baked up a fresh batch of celebrity slots for you - see the line up here! 


We sometimes feel attracted to certain numbers, and one that seems to come up again and again is the number 11…


Check out our six top film picks to curl up with this Autumn... oldies but goodies! 

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"Remember, remember the 5th of November - gunpowder, treason and... new Fireworks slot!"

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Embrace the longer autumn days with our top vintage party ideas... staying in the new going out! 

Lucky Coins

Old, new, silver, gold - choose your favourite coin and start getting extra lucky! 


The wait is over... your 7 x NEW TOP SLOTS have arrived at, play and win today! 

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The summer holidays are over which can only mean one thing… kids back-to-school; mums and dads back to bingo!


The summer will soon be waving goodbye for another year, so let's see it out in style - 50s style!


Hey Good Lookin'! Welcome to your brand new Bingo Extra Community. Step this way for what to expect and how you can get involved...



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Royal Baby

Boy or Girl? Girl or boy? Get your pink and blue bunting ready roomies and win some Bingo Extra prizes fit for a prince - or a princess!


The king of sandwiches has its own special day! Make your lunch extra tasty today with these top tips...