3 Mysterious Underwater Cities

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The best mysterious stories have always emerged from Ancient civilizations. However, have all the secrets of mankind been revealed yet? With the advancement of technology, archaeologists are still discovering ancient cities that were forgotten for a long time. The Lion City in China, the Yonaguni ruins in Japan and Heracleion city located at the mouth of the Nile are amongst them.


Lion City of Quiandao Lake, China

Called “Atlantis of the East”, Lion City is believed to be 1,300 years old. Contrasting to the mythical Atlantis, Lion City was purposely flooded back in 1959 to leave the place for the Xin’an Dam. The Quiandao lake was then created to make electricity. This city was one of the largest in China, and was surrounded by five towers. More than 300,000 of its inhabitants were moved to other cities. In 2001, Chinese experts began an expedition to see the remains of this lost city. In spite of being underwater for several years, Lion City stayed well-preserved; many cravings were still intact on the city structures.

The Pyramid of Yonaguni, Japan

In 1986, divers found an undersea pyramid structure near the Japanese Island of Yonaguni. Staircases were found on the pyramids and their designs were similar to those of Mexico and Central America. This discovery was phenomenal as no other alike structure were found in that particular area. Until now, the origins of these pyramids have not been found yet. While some archaeologists believe that it was constructed, others think that it has been made naturally. This underwater structure was found 11 years ago, yet marine archaeologists strongly believe that these have been existing for more than                                                                                      5,000 years.

Thonis, Heracleion, Egypt

The city of Heracleion also known as Thonis, was believed to be a myth, until the remains of it were found in 1999. Known to be one of the grandest cities of Egypt, this city was found more than 33 feet deep into the waters. As per archaeologists, this city was built on unstable wetlands, thus it sank into the waters more than 1,200 years back. Many huge statues of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were found in the underwater ruins of this lost city, and many of these have been excavated.

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