It’s Always St. Patrick’s Day for The Green Lady of Brooklyn

Meet Elizabeth Sweetheart, a 74-year-old sweet soul and fine artist in Brooklyn, New York. This gem has been dressing up in various shades of green for the past 20 years. To her, green is the happiest and most positive colour in the world, and she can’t imagine wearing anything else. Plus, she has the hair to match it!

Her rugs are green, trash cans are green, utensils are green, dishes are green, cutting boards are green, saucepans are green, coffee cups are green, oatmeal carton is green, pill case is green, sink sponge is green, even the cabinet knobs were green. Elizabeth is an artist who makes tiny and finely painted water colours.

Elizabeth was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. She was raised by her grandparents, where her grandmother taught her how to paint and make clothing. In 1964, Elizabeth hitchhiked to New York City. She then arrived at the New York Unemployment Agency, with only a pillow and her sketch book. She was immediately selected for a job interview, where she got a job in the garment centre.

For years she has been a frequent sight on the train, where people often comment on her outfits and colour combinations. She loves it! Elizabeth said it happened naturally and she doesn’t know how. She said it might be that she misses the greens of Canada, and it all come fell into her house. 

She does not always wear green, but if you visit her house, you surely see the green likes of it! It’s not full green, but has green pieces that attract the eye from inside out. Elizabet loves to wear overalls, and has over 30 pairs of them, all dyed green. She said she always keeps a pot of dye ready in case she has something to throw in there!


What a lovely and positive way to look at life. This 5ft woman has managed to keep herself happy at all times and in whatever she does. A plus is that, every day is St. Patricks day for her! Leprechauns will be visiting you soon Sweetheart!

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