Best Photo Tips

The whole world loves to shares pictures, videos and ideas of any sort on social media. But this chrimbo, everyone’s going all out! It’s that time of the year where everybody starts posting all their Christmassy ideas, decorations and most of all food, for the most likes! Do you want to get your pictures to look great without having to edit them? Here are some tips!




Cooking good looking food is one thing, but getting great photos of them is another. First thing you need to look at is:

  • Lighting: Natural light is the most important as it has a natural and soft colour to it. Depending on where you’ve placed your food, you’ll always have good directional light which is great for different types of pictures. Taking pictures in diffused light gives out the best result. All you have to do is hang a white sheet on your window or have someone hold it up. You’ll be ready to start snapping after that. 
  • Angles: If you want to get a great snap of your food you can shoot from various angles. Each dish comes out great in a picture depending on the angle. The tip is to, snap the picture in an angle where you can see all the contents of the dish. Example: Burger’s look best from the side and pizza looks best from the top. 
  • Get Close: Food is all about the colour and texture. So, the clearer the details are, the more imaginative the viewer will get about the taste of the food.



Getting the best portraits is a breeze. All you need is some light strands (white bulbs) and a blank wall, and sombre room and a good camera.

  • Go With A Wide Angle: Wide lengths can create wonderful distortion of the portrait. It gives a dramatic impact in an impressive setting.
  • Play With The Backgrounds: The location of where you’re taking the picture always has an effect on the main subject of the portrait. Placing them in different contexts can rapidly dramatize the mood in the picture. 
  • Take Unfocused Shots: When taking random pictures that does not fully focus on the subject, there’s always a” Wow” factor about the picture. 
  • Take A Series Of Shots: Switch your camera on to “burst” mode and fire off your snaps. In doing this, you’re creating a book of images that could be presented together instead of one individual one.  

Take your photography skills to the next level with the few tips above and soon your social networks will be flooded with likes and loves! 

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Meredith is a recent Media graduate, who loves Candy Crush, Baileys cheesecake, Stephen King books and her pet hamster, Joey.