Bingo Extra Halloween Movies!

You may want to pull the blanket over your head, as it will soon get spooky at Bingo Extra. OK, calm down, but just make sure you bring some popcorn to snack on.  As there is nothing better than watching the most classical scary movies during Halloween weekend.  

Here are our top three teeth chattering films to celebrate Halloween, are you ready?

Werewolf of London – 1935

The story begins in Tibet where a very well-known English Botanist was on an expedition to find an extremely rare plant. When he finally found it, a strange creature attacked him and his team of scientists. Guess what? He got bitten by the creature! Back home in London, he started to realise that the strange creature could have been a werewolf. Would that cause him to become one too? What would happen now as his wife Lisa was about to come back home from her auntie’s party? “Remember this Doctor Glendon, the werewolf instinctively seeks to kill the things it loves best”.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the movie. The transformation into the werewolf was so well done. A must watch movie.

Phantom of the Opera – 1943

Poor Erique, a successful violist at the Paris Opera House for twenty years, found himself dismissed. He was unable to play violin again when he lost the use of the fingers of his left hand. In order to earn money, he tried to get a concerto he had written published which unfortunately, never happened. One day, he heard his concerto at the publisher who refused to meet him on several occasions. Convinced that the latter was trying to steal his masterpiece, he killed him. The publisher’s assistant who was there threw etching acid at Erique who became disfigured. This is how the former violinist became The Phantom and took revenge on his miserable life. 

Dracula – 1931

The movie started with a solicitor travelling to Transylvania to meet Count Dracula. When he arrived there, people of the mountains told him about vampire stories. He did not believe them and said all these were only superstitions.  He accepted to be driven to the castle by Dracula’s coach. On the way, he realised the driver was not there anymore. But who was guiding the horses? What he discovered was bloodcurdling, as they were following a bat!

How about you? What are your best scary movies? Join the conversation on our Facebook page and get your scaredely freebies. In the meantime, get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy playing Book of Dead, Pentagram and OOH AAH Dracula.

Happy Halloween!

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