How much do you know about your favourite game?I guess that you, just like me, enjoy a few cheeky games of bingo on a daily basis. It’s my ‘me’ time where I can only think about having a good time playing and chatting with my bingo pals.

But did you know that bingo was once used as a method to teach maths? Do you know where it all started? Check out these fun facts that shed light on the many mysteries of bingo!

Beano or Bingo? – It is said that the word bingo is derived from when women excitedly shouted bingo instead of beano - beano was the name of the game at that time, as dried beans were used to dab the cards!

Bingo and the Renaissance – The earliest form of a bingo-type game can be traced back to the 1500s where a game known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia was played in Italy as a form of lottery.

Educating Yourself With Bingo – Bingo was indeed an educational tool back in the 1800’s in Germany, where the earlier bingo cards come from. These were used to help students to learn multiplication.

The Loved Game of Bingo – Did you know that most online bingo players play the game at least once per day? With the chat function and chat games available in bingo rooms, you can have a great time keeping up with the conversation with your bingo mates and enjoy the games at the same time!

Generating 6K Bingo Cards by Hand – Legend has it that a Professor went insane after generate 6,000 unique bingo card by hand. Carl Leffler was this famous professor who was hired in the U.S to make sure that bingo cards are random enough to give all players an equal chance of winning.

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