Easter Around the World

What are your best Easter memories from your childhood? There are loads to share. Easter celebrations have evolved over the years. Sure, if you date back to the 1950’s to 2017 you’ll see a huge gap difference between these 67 lovely years. Easter, is the big day for children when the Easter Bunny comes around to gift lovely chocolaty Easter eggs. OH! bless the chocolate fairy. 


In China, most people celebrate the day as a mini Chinese New Year, decorated with their red slogans and their different traditional treats. Easter eggs are gifted to people or sold outside of the church after service. As tradition dictates, new Catholics are baptised during this day. It basically depends on how you like to celebrate. Some like to celebrate with pomp and others just like saying a prayer and continuing their day. 


The French celebrates this day after church service having a big festive meal and searching for hidden Easter eggs. Two days before Easter, the church bells are not rung, it is a symbol of mourning and grief. Since it is a public holiday, most of the stores are closed on this special day. 


In America, this big event is celebrated by communities arranging for Easter hunts. After the church service, groups of people search for loads of Easter eggs. Children are told that the Easter bunny has hidden them. Sometimes you win a prize if you collect the most eggs. This is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. 


According to the Roman Calendar, Easter falls after the first full moon of spring, where people spring clean their houses thoroughly. Polish people skilfully paint hard boiled eggs, which is a tradition that dates over 5000 years. And after the Resurrection mass, families come together for breakfast to share a traditional wafer like cake and exchange good wishes. 

South Africa

In South Africa, they go big on Easter! Like everywhere, celebrations continue after the church service. Following this they have parades, with people walking to and from with their floaters and traditional feasts. 

Easter this year will be celebrated on the Sunday, 16th April, 2017. It is famous around the world to most people, despite it being a religious holiday. It could be the way it is celebrated or the food that is shared amongst people and the excitement. Some families like to introduce new traditions to this day so it can be passed down to generations and the memory goes on. 

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