Easy Country Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the most magical time of the year to go the extra mile and decorate your house with jolly, shiny and glittering DIY ideas! The wintertime of December wouldn’t be the same without the centrepieces, homemade ornaments and other craft ideas. And now you can get inspired by the top five holiday decorations and create your very own merry and bright country Christmas!

A festive Mantel

Nothing could be easier than creating a wreath that is in the shape of a star, and this can be placed on the wall above the mantel. To create the festive atmosphere, simply hang country style stockings, and place cheery and bright presents on the ground.

Trimmed Rosemary

Put your aromatic rosemary plants that you normally use to bring out the flavours while cooking in different copper plant labels that can easily be found at florists. Then trim the plants to resemble the festive conifers and tie the pots with beautiful ribbons.

Wood Log Fireplace

Fill your fireplace with split wood logs and bring the extra panache by painting the tips of the logs with colourful chalks. Even though this fireplace is simply used as deco, it still emanates the warmth of Christmas!

A Vintage Handkerchief Tree

Secure different shades of green handkerchiefs to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree using pushpins. And remember to use a brown hankie to form the stump of the tree, and place a red ribbon row on top of this DIY vintage Christmas Tree.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Easily found on eBay, a wood pallet can certainly become your next DIY country Christmas tree. You can paint a green Christmas tree on this shipping crate. To embellish the pallet, you can stick different bright coloured pom-poms and other Christmas ornaments on this DIY creation.

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