Father’s Day is on Sunday 19th June.  That’s still 10 days away, but let’s be extra prepared this year, and smugly show up our brothers and sisters shall we? :)

Before you start shopping for your gift, decide whether your Dad has other interests apart from beer and football. He doesn’t? Then look no further my friend, just catch a game together with a 4-pack – your job is done!

But, if you’re looking for something different this year we may have the answer. Here’s our top finds for Father’s Day Gifts 2016, see what you think:

  • Barbecue grill – not so original, but so much choice! Money tight? You can grab fab portable bucket BBQs in Tesco or Lidl for around a tenner. Feeling more flush?  Treat dad to shiny new full size grill - and the gift of being in charge of the BBQ (you know Dads love this the most!) Plus, it means less work for mums in the kitchen this Sunday – a 2 in 1 gift!
  • Watch – A wrist-wear upgrade is certainly something he can show off to his mates. Plus they won’t ever be late for lunch with you! 
  • Power-bank – Dad’s phone’s always off right? Not anymore! Gift him a new power bank and he’ll have to find a better excuse than his mobile battery being down to dodge the apple of his eye from now on. Extra sneaky!
  • Selfie Stick – Yes! Dads love selfies too. Now they won’t have to stretch their arms or ask everyone to squeeze in to fit in their shots. And you’ll get to be in the picture too this time.
  • 'Smellies' – Some sweaty dads are used to their own body ‘fragrance’! But it’s time to give Dad the good news: modern men rock top scents without compromising their manliness!!
  • Sunglasses – Most of the time dads want to show you that they are unique. Now you can offer them some stylish shades that are really going to set them apart!
  • Games for life! Does dad get bored? Always under mum’s feet? The answer is near – in fact, the answer is here!  Set Dad up with his very own Bingo Extra account for Father’s Day! He’ll get his new player welcome bonus of 100% bingo bonus or 100% slots bonus, and be as happy as Larry – especially if he bags a beginner’s luck jackpot!

Grab Dad a gift he’ll remember this Father’s Day, courtesy of at BingoExtra.com!

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