Funniest Irish Sayings

Go Green in March to fade into the St Patricks’ celebrations! Indeed, St Patricks is celebrated around the world, but in Ireland, they have fun the whole of March! Walk into the streets and you will certainly come across green colours, Shamrock, Celtic music and beers! You might hear some words or phrases that will puzzle you. Follow these tips and the suspense will vanish.   

“Sure look it!”, does this phrase make any sense to you? If you have never been to Ireland, it won’t! But it can be your saviour as it is the suitable reply to any questions as it only means “Okay”. If you ever find yourself in any situations where you are out of words, just say “Sure look it” and it will fit in impeccably.

If you had the time of your life, you surely had “a whale of a time”! Confused? Don’t be, as in Ireland words like “Splendid”, “Great”, “Awesome” are not commonly used. You just need to say “a whale of a time”, and that would mean you had a great night out.

Ever been to “the shacks”? You definitely did, but you probably used the term “toilet”! Saying the washroom, rest room or loo will amaze the Irish as these terms are not very eminent over there! You better say, “Get going while I head to the shacks”. That would save your social image in front of Irish natives.

“You put the heart crossways in me!” ever caught that one? It is kind of puzzling but it only means “you scared me”. If you ever hear that phrase, don’t panic and no need to call the ambulance!

When you visit an Irish friend, do not expect that they’ll ask you if you want a soft drink. Instead, they might say something like, “Would you have a mineral?”. Yes, strangely, this is the term used for soft drink.

If you ask an Irish to come over and they say “I will yea” … don’t wait for them, else you’ll end up waiting forever! “I will yea” only means “I definitely won’t”! Better have a Plan B!

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May the Irish clover be with you!

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