Trolley Coin Keyring

EXTRA CHANCE - now available in October too!

When was the last time you went food shopping and forgot to bring change? I know, I know, me too! So, here’s your chance to say goodbye to frantic purse rummaging and hello to stress-free trolley queueing: get your hands on your very own Bingo Extra trolley coin keyring!

How to get your keyring:

1)      Deposit £10 or more at any time in September. Edit: now applies for OCTOBER too! 

2)      “Like” us on Facebook

3)      Leave a comment on Facebook with your username saying “There's always something extra at Bingo Extra – please send me a keyring!” 

That’s it! We will pop your free treat in the post and you will never be stuck without a £1 coin again thanks to your Bingo Extra Trolley Coin Keyring.

The coin keyring features a special ‘coin’ that you can insert into any regular shopping trolley to borrow it for groceries.  Why do we know you’ll love it? Because nowadays, key rings are part of nearly everyone’s daily life – keeping the house key, car key etc together and on us at all times - so it’s almost impossible to forget your trolley coin when you go to the Supermarket!

Happy shopping with your new and exclusive Bingo Extra Trolley coin keyring!


*Extra Tip*

While you’re waiting for your Bingo Extra Trolley coin to drop through your postbox, try your luck at a shopping experience with a difference…  play Weekly Shop bingo at for the chance to win £100 ASDA shopping vouchers!

The Weekly Shop bingo game plays every Tuesday at 10pm and you can prebuy your cards for just 5p each at any time, so you’ll never have to miss out.

Pick up your cards Weekly Shop bingo cards today for your chance to add a whole lot extra - £100 extra - into your shopping trolley for free… good luck!

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