Go Green!

Green is the symbol of faith for some or jealousy for others. But everyone agrees that there are no other colours that can represent best the ecosystem. Today, going green has become a popular trend, and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Watson among many others, use their star power to raise the attention on preserving our planet. When you think about it, only some simple changes in our everyday lives can make positive impact on the world’s climate. And that can start at home! 

Use natural household cleaners

Did you know that baking powder, salt, lemons and vinegar can be used for house cleaning? These ingredients can be found in your cupboard and are cheaper as well! For instance, baking powder is effective to clean the oven and dishwasher. You can as well mix some salt and baking powder to clean copper utensils or jewelleries. Got some stained clothes? Try cleaning them with a mixture of vinegar and salt… your clothes will get a new life!

Grow your own food

Wouldn’t it be nice to pluck thyme from your own garden to add to your food? The advantage of having your personal garden is that you will always have fresh herbs, it is cheap and the products are organic!  Plus, no need to take strolls to local shops!

If you don’t have space, you can still opt for the Tower Garden. This concept requires as little land and water as possible. It is the perfect alternative for small balconies, rooftops and patios.

Unplug your items

Did you know that some electronic devices use energy even when they are turned off? It’s better to unplug your television, microwaves and coffee makers while you are away from home. Try this, and check on your bills… you will save some money. 

Well insulated home 

Your house has some gaps or cracks? Try to fix these when you can as if your house is not well insulated, it will require more heat during winter and more air conditioning during summer. This can have an impact on your bills! Better spend a few on fixtures than a lot on bills. 

Switch to LED lights 

Ever had to change your bulbs more than once in a month? To avoid this hindrance, swap to LED bulbs as these last 10 times longer than normal ones. It will help you save electricity, thus you gain on the bills and you’re saving the planet. 

The Earth is a great ecosystem that we can bring back into shape. Do you have any useful tips to go Green? Share your views on Bingo Extra’s Facebook Page! Do not forget to switch off your laptop after playing at the best online bingo site.

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