Homemade Sushi Ideas

Spicy seafood, crunchy veggies, sticky rice, wasabi, plus the ginger soy combo! Do these ring a bell for you? Yes, these ingredients will most certainly remind you of the delicious sushi!

With awkward names such as ramaki, futomaki, and hosomaki, these Japanese treats are perfect for night outs and can also be fun to make at home! In Western countries, sushi names have been simplified to fire spitting dragon, spicy tuna, California, veggie, etc. However, they are still as yummy as you can expect!

Making your very own homemade sushi is very simple. You just require a few ingredients and a towel. Yes, you heard it right… you will need a towel. You can start by chopping up the veggies of your choice, such as red pepper, cucumber, and carrot, and even add fruits like avocado. Plus, you can make a seafood sushi by adding flaked tuna or smoked salmon.

Bring your rice to ebullition in hot water to make the ideal sticky sushi rice. Mix the simmered rice with sugar, salt, and rice vinegar. Preheat your oven to 150 degrees Celsius and warm a nori seaweed sheet for two minutes in the preheated oven.

You won’t necessarily need a bamboo mat as in the traditional way of making sushi, but instead a thick towel would certainly do the trick. Simply place the nori sheet on the centre of the towel, spread a layer of rice on it and press with your fingers to make it thin.

Arrange the sliced veggies and seafood in a line on top of the rice, ensuring that it is in its centre. Lift the end of the towel and gently roll the rice over, while gently pressing. You can roll it forward to create a complete roll. Finally, you can cut the roll into pieces using a sharp knife, and this will give you around 6 tasty sushi slices.

The is one of the easier and no-fuss method of preparing homemade sushi. And to get the authentic taste of Sushi, you can serve it immediately with wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger! If you want to change the traditional norms of sushi, you can wrap your ingredients in a piece of crescent roll dough to get your very own crescent sushi.

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