Hot Destinations in November 2017


Shorter days, grey skies and the never-ending sound of Christmas songs in shops are clear indications that November is here! Do you want to escape the cold? It’s the perfect time to escape away to somewhere warm, and refill on vitamin D. Southern Europe is not a bad arena to start with, but if you want the real heat, you might want to go a little further.


Madeira – Winter Sun Destination

Located on the north coast of Africa, this independent region of Portugal offers warm weather in November. Despite the upcoming winter, the summer climate can be enjoyed wholeheartedly on these grounds. You can expect the sunshine up to six hours per day during November. Even if there’s a slight chance of rain, the heat is preserved. The warm temperatures reach up to 21.7 ºC while the nights offer a refreshing 16 ºC. Surrounded by waters, Madeira is never too hot nor too cold; it’s perfect for a holiday getaway.

Cape Verde – Sizzle Sunshine


The Cape Verde Islands is a group of ten key islands and a number of smaller isles found off the coast of West Africa. These islands offer a tropical weather, with no cool season at all. During the month of November, this set of islands witnesses mild temperatures, slight winds and is always dry. The average temperature rises to 28.3 ºC which means that there are no major changes in the weather. You can expect only a maximum of 7 mm of rainfall throughout the whole month.


Singapore – Hot, Humid & Rainy

Singapore is a tropical rainforest, this means it is always hot and humid. The weather remains the same for November, but it gets quite humid with a lot of rain. During this month, the temperatures can climb up to 31.3 ºC. Humidity is always at the rendezvous, but there are light winds, which calms the extreme warmth. November actually marks the start of the monsoon season in Singapore which means that there’s an increase in rainfall, but the cool sea winds cools the afternoon heat. Given that this country is almost positioned on the equator, it hardly has any major change in seasons, making it a warm destination at any time of the year.


So, make your choice, pack your luggage and enjoy the warm winds!

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