Every year I eagerly look forward to the famous Grand National horse race. I admit it’s partly so I can size-up the outfits that get papped at Ladies Day - those hats! - but mostly I love the Grand National because of the thrill of picking and betting on the horse that will conquer the mighty Aintree fences above all others… solely based on a “feeling” I have about it!  

Just like you don’t have to be a gaming expert to play at Bingo Extra, you can be an amateur horse-racing punter – like me – and still find the would-be winner of the Grand National! Here’s how:

  • Most seasoned punters carry out extensive research before heading to the bookies to place their bets. These include the horses’ pedigree lineage, past performance, aptitude during training, handicap, length of race course, odds, jockey, etc.

Well, forget about all that – I have put on my tipster coat on and here’s my advice for how to follow your heart to pick a winner!

1) Check the odds… then ignore them!

The fun thing about the Grand National is that it’s not always the favourite that wins. If you’re attracted to a favourite then go for it but if not don’t worry – everyone loves an underdog, follow your gut feeling!

2) Find a horse connected to where you live… it’s all about the neighbourhood!

The pretender to the title of Grand National Winner may have been trained just a few miles away from where you are! So you can just go according to your favourite location!

3) Choose by name… the funnier the better for me!

Can you relate to the name of any of these four legged runners? If ‘neigh’, hmm I mean no, just bet on the name that stands out most to you.

4) Choose by colour… your favourite shade could be a winner!

Horses are said to be colour blind and they only see the blue and green colours of the spectrum – and 40% of jockeys have won the Grand National wearing either blue or green! Isn’t that weird?

5) Check for the star sign of the horses… the winner might gallop from the stars ;)

Astrology believers can chase the grand winner according to their star signs… but don’t take it too ‘sirius-ly’.

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