Meredith Tray

Fabulous Fifties Theme Party Ideas

As the nights get darker and the weather gets nippier, most of us just want to be cosy at home! But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop: why not embrace these autumn days by throwing a house party? A vintage themed party of course, a la Bingo Extra!  

Here are some fabulous tips to create a party that’s as vibrant and wholesome as they were in the 1950s:

  • Dress code – Ask your guests to attend your party wearing poodle skirts or white t-shirts and cuffed jeans. ladies can sport ponytails, cats eye glasses and 50s hairstyles and makeup, while the gent could bring back the slicked back hairstyle, leather jackets, and Elvis neckties! You may as well choose some specific characteristics of these years to set your theme of the 50’s, such as Elvis, Milkshakes, Soda Fountain, or Drive Ins too!
  • Activities - Make your party memorable and fun by preparing some activities to get those grease monkeys and beauty school dropouts into the swing of things.  Set the mood with some good old music by spinning some old records on a turntable - rock and roll, should get yours guests swinging and bopping in no time! You could even organise contest – how creative can you be? Hula Hoop, twisting, bubble blowing, limbo… the choice is yours!
  • Food and drink - keep it simple, think soda shop or 50s diner. It can just be hotdogs, a basket of fries and onion rings, easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  • Inspiration – get more vintage-style ideas by heading to the Bingo Extra bingo rooms! Stop by the Penny Arcade, The Candy Store, and the Extra Room by day then break your curfew, and enjoy some good old fashioned movie-themed fun at the Drive In by night! Remember, there’s always something extra at Bingo Extra - so in the Drive In room you can catch the Bingo Lotto Progressive Jackpot, Lucky Number PJP, AND the 90 Ball PJP - all at no extra cost.

Go on, take a trip back to the good old days, with a vintage themed party, and !

Bingo Extra

Meredith is a recent Media graduate, who loves Candy Crush, Baileys cheesecake, Stephen King books and her pet hamster, Joey.