Leap Year Extras

Did you know you have an EXTRA day to make your dreams come true this year? 2016 is a Leap Year – which means February has 29 days instead of the usual 28. This only happens every four years and means an EXTRA day at BingoEXTRA.com – that must be lucky!

Put that extra lucky to good use at Bingo Extra.com and get in the winning mood with these fun Leap facts and top promos: 

  • LEAP YEAR BONUS - 29th Feb 2016

An EXTRA chance to claim your weekend deposit bonus! Select your match bonus in the cashier when you deposit any time on Leap Year Day!

See if this leap year weekend game brings you extra luck for our biggest bingo game! There’s 5 chances to win a share of up to £10,000 at just 20p per cards in this special game. Prebuy your cards now.

Leap Year Fact: The next time you will see February 29 on your calendar won’t be until in 2020! It’s just like the Summer Olympic Games and US Presidential elections 

Head to the cashier every day between the 22nd and 28th of February and play our daily quiz for special prize bonuses. Every answer gives you a little something so don’t be afraid of giving a wrong answer – you can’t lose! The offer is valid once per day during the promotional period when you make a deposit.

Leap Year Fact: People who are born on 29th Feb are sometimes called "leaplings" or "leapers". The poet Lord Byron was born on a Leap Day… and so was the rapper Ja Rule! 

Win yourself a treat worth up to £100 in Extra Surprise prebuy bingo on Thursday. There is no better way to celebrate the Extra day at only 5p for a card.

Leap Year Fact: Speaking of surprises, February 29th is the traditional day that women propose to men. Ladies… any takers?  Will you propose to your man on Monday?! 

The Leap Day occurs only once every four years, so celebrate it in style! Make it an Extraordinary day at BingoExtra.com

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