Lucky Coins

Lucky Coins – The Ideal Luck Charms

Hi guys, the big question in our bingo chat rooms today is - do you have a lucky coin?

If the answer is no, I recommend you grab one today – I’m never without mine and I’m SURE it keeps me luckier than most! There’s no need to take a plunge into a scary old well, just keep your eyes peeled as you go about your day and if you spot a coin in your path, pick it up – it could be sign that you’ve found your good luck charm!

You can keep your special coin in your pocket or purse, or under your pillow, or somewhere secret… but some people believe that ‘tossing it’ it what really brings the luck. Did you know that coins are said to have an affinity for water? That’s why fountains or a pools are often believed to be the ideal place to toss in a coin to bring luck. Whereas in Russia, some people think that scattering coins all over your house brings wealth.

On the other hand, a silver coin with a hole through it is considered to be good luck omen, and encased coins are a favourite collectible. Most of them show messages such as “Keep me and have good luck” or “Keep me and never go broke”.  Join the discussion, let our Chat Hosts know which types of coins and traditions work for you to bring you good luck!

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Bring your lucky coin to and see just how lucky you can be!

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