Hi-de-hi lovelies, good to see you again! We’ve come across something cool that we want to share with you... and it could bring you extra luck! 

Do you remember being a schoolkid and first hearing the saying “See a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck”? We loved that! And we’ve never stopped looking out for pennies since, everywhere we go, and making a wish when we find them. So, imagine how happy we were to learn that this lucky rhyme is so close to people’s hearts that it has evolved into a special day – this Saturday 23rd May is National Lucky Penny Day!

Lucky Penny Day is a special day dedicated to all everyone around the world who, like us here at Bingo Extra, truly believe in the good luck that a penny can bring them – how lovely!

The British penny dates back to over a thousand years and during this time, extra superstitions have been linked to the lucky penny, like the warning that you should only pick up a penny that is found face up. Do you believe in that?

Can you also believe that back in the good old days, a penny was enough to buy day to day items like lollies and stamps? Nowadays you can hardly buy a thing with a penny, unless you are here at Bingo Extra, the only vintage-styled bingo site where a penny still holds its true old-time value. Go kooky with just a few pennies in your pocket and have a blast at in the Penny Arcade room where you can experience the magic of the National Lucky Penny Day to the fullest!

So, whether you already have a lucky charm or not, be sure to keep your eyes peeled this weekend to see if you can find a lucky penny. How about going all the way to make this day special? Make a wish at the nearest fountain by dropping a penny in it, or throw a party at your place where only a penny is required for guests to gain entry! However you celebrate, be sure to come and try your luck at – Lucky Penny Day could bring you the Pounds!

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