Most Haunted Bingo Halls

From trick or treat to enchanting prizes, this Halloween has certainly been a spooky one in the bingo rooms at Bingo Extra. And to keep you in this Halloween Spirit, let’s check some of the most haunted Bingo Halls around the world.

McLaughlin Hall

Situated in South Dakota, the McLaughlin Hall is one of the most Haunted bingo halls in the U.S. It’s not really that surprising, as this building was constructed right on top of an ancient burial place! The chilling cry of a child spirit is rumoured to echo at times according to the bingo hall employees.   That’s note all as they’ve also witnessed moving furniture and heard unidentifiable footsteps resonating around the building. No wonder, many of its employees have quit their job as they could not continue working in this eerie environment, despite their love for bingo.


The Gaumont’s

The Gaumont’s is an art deco hall that was constructed back in the 1930’s and it used to be a theatre. Inside this building, many have experienced strange noises echoing in its hall. Today, the Gaumont’s is the host location to regular bingo games and eerie sightings. Unexplained creaking of doors and the sighting of a ghostly spirit they now call the ‘Grey Man’ have been reported by many bingo players. Ghost hunters were called to this location in 2011, in the hope of contacting the spirit.  Instead they witnessed mysterious lights hovering across the wall, chilling noises, and slamming doors. They believe the spirit might be someone who committed suicide back in 1965.

The Invicta

During the Blitz, the cinema of The Invicta was converted into a shelter for those who had lost their homes. Tragically, a bomb directly hit the building during World War II, and four of its residents died. But chilling events only started occurring in the late 40’s, and people started hearing spooky noises in the 70’s. There were even reports of the sighting of a ‘green man’ in this building. A clairvoyant was called to the theatre by the owner to unveil the mystery surrounding these creepy events.  The medium apparently contacted the ghostly ‘green man’ and the latter reveal that he was named Bill Malan. Advance research revealed that a certain Mr Malan once worked as commissaire in this theatre… and he always wore a green uniform.

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