Most insane board games of all time

Nowadays, many people enjoy playing board games such as Monopoly and Cluedo. But did you know that back in the days, board games were somehow peculiar? Not all of them, but some were extraordinary. The games can be fun but it depends with whom you are playing, else you might lose some friends! Let’s have a look at these unusual board games:

- Capital Punishment -The board game, Capital Punishment, was invented for the sole purpose of making people aware of crime and justice. A player wins by shifting all the ‘criminals’ to either death row, electric chair or life imprisonment. Yes, the evil laughter of friends who are going to hang you, can already be heard!

 - Bed Bug - Bed bugs are evil creatures that bite you while you are sleeping in peace! They are not very nice, yet a team decided to make a board game about them! The aim of this game was to pluck the bed bugs on the board… which was shaped as a sleeping man!

Public Assistance – Original as it sounds, this game teaches adults to live on public assistance instead of working. Yeah… that’s bizarre!

Cards Against Humanity- Launched in 2011, this board game is a rather new one. Despite being popular and fun, this game deserves its place on this list! Why? Simply because the point of the game is to be as offensive as possible!

Grosse Walze- Die Grosse Walze or The Big Barrel is played with four players. The aim is to crush all civilians when they are fleeing in terror, and that’s the only way the barrel is happy!

Alles Paletti- This board game was quite a disturbing one. In this game, players had to roll a dice to save little Tommy from his psychotic parents. The purpose of the game was to improve communication between families by giving them strange situations, but instead it was teaching families how to lie to each other.

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