Mother’s Day around the world

Ireland, Nigeria and the United Kingdom are among the few countries that celebrate Mothering Sunday on the forth Sunday of Lent. In other countries, Mother’s Day also called; Ladies Day, Women’s Day, Parent’s Day falls on different dates throughout the year. There are many ways to put mom first, but the most important is to make that day special for her.


In Mexico, bands are hired to perform at home to honour mothers, by singing their favourite songs. Celebrated on the 10th of May, mothers are served with the traditional breakfast of tamales made of dough and banana leaf, and atole which is a corn based beverage. They are also treated with serenades like “Amor de Madre”.


Thailand’s Queen Sirikit is considered as the iconic mother symbol of the country.  Hence, Mother’s Day is celebrated on her birthday, which falls on the 12th of August. This public holiday is celebrated by displaying portraits and shrines of the loved Queen. Fireworks and candle- lighting ceremonies are also held. As for mothers, they are gifted white jasmine flowers, which signify maternal love. Children also give alms to monks in the name of their mothers, for their long lives.


Serbia has a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day! Observed on the second Sunday before Christmas, children wake up early and softly tie their mother’s feet to the bed, using a ribbon. They only let her go if she has gifts or sweets for them.


There is no fixed date to celebrate Mothers in Ethiopia. It normally falls in November or December, depending on the end of the rainy season. Known as the Antrosht festival, mothers are visited by their children who bring ingredients to cook the traditional meat hash. After the feast, mothers and daughters smear into butter, and families sing and dance together.


Observed on the 8th of December, Día de la Madre, is a public holiday in Panama. It coincides with a religious festival to honour Virgin Mary. As per the traditions, children receive their first communion on this day, which is a proud moment for the mothers. Festivities begin at night when groups of singers travel from house to house, to sing traditional songs for all mothers.

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