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“Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded list of chores. It can be a rewarding experience that helps us provide some structure and organisation in your life.”- Peter Walsh.

As a child growing up, you never worry about what a mess you’re making i.e. playing in the mud with your white clothes, playing rough may be leading to who knows, blood stains. Doesn’t matter anyway, you know that mummy will always get the job done, and it’s all abracadabra to you until you’ve gotten to know her secret spells. When it comes to cleaning hacks, there are a few tricks to let you in on. That is if you’re keen on using food instead of detergents to clean your house.

So many detergents have been developed over time. Though nothing will beat the good old white vinegar. If you use readymade salad dressing for your salads, then all the vinegar goes to the cleaning shed. Baking powder and vinegar always does the trick, whether it’s cleaning the shower, toilet, kitchen sink and what we dread the most the kitchen floor! All you should do is get a spray bottle, fill it up with vinegar and add a table spoon of baking powder. Spray wherever needs to be cleaned, leave overnight, give it a light scrub in the morning, rinse and done, all lovely and sparkly.

How about the famous supposedly stainless steel frying pan or the precious cast iron? You know when they get all rough and rusty, the thought of it just makes you cringe. Lucky, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because olive oil exists. It’s a simple procedure; wash, dry by heating, wipe with olive oil, heat and let cool off and store, as simple as 1, 2, 3. You’ll never have to worry about rusty culinary utensils ever again.

Chopping up some chicken might occasionally get messy in regards to odour. Well, you know how you wash your chopping board a hundred times before you get the stench off the board? The solution for that is giving it a warm wash, get half a lemon, massage it through the board, rinse and your board is odour free! Also, you could use this to clean off the colour from the veggies, the orange from your carrots and the purple from your beetroot.

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