Doing the washing up is not anyone’s favourite time of day.  But there’s there is no escape from dirty dishes, they’re just part of life of life right? Well, actually, not this week...

We just found out that Wednesday 18th May was National No Dirty Dishes Day - a day when we can collectively say a guilt-free NO to washing up, breathe a sigh of relief, and do something better with our time instead, hurrah!

Here’s the kicker though – I missed it on Wednesday (did you?). So… it only feels fair to declare this whole weekend dirty-dish free instead:

Let’s go on a picnic…

Or treat ourselves to a café brunch…

Or – naughty - order a takeaway and eat it straight from the box J

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure you get back some extra time this week by ditching the dishes. Why not kick back with your favourite pizza and slot games this Saturday night, and enjoy having sparkling sink and a clean kitchen at the end of it!

Put away your sponge and celebrate No Dirty Dishes Weekend at - I will be - see you there! 

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Meredith is a recent Media graduate, who loves Candy Crush, Baileys cheesecake, Stephen King books and her pet hamster, Joey.