Online Shopping VS In-Store Shopping

A pair of shoes can change your life, just like Cinderella's! But where to find the perfect pair of shoes or the best blazer?  If you can be satisfied with a picture, then online shopping it is! If not, then wear your flats and visit all shops. But which type of shopping is better?

Online Shopping

A world where the shops are never closed is the arena of online shopping! You can just access online shopping sites anytime, and select the things you need to buy. Just add it to your cart, and wait for it to be delivered at the sill of your door. You can spend as much as you want on shopping as items are normally cheaper. No need to waste gas to take trips to different shopping malls. Plus, you don’t have to look for parking slots! That’s a blessing. Just imagine shopping with no annoying crowd or a salesperson constantly on your back! Isn't that lovely? And the best thing is that you do not have to wait in a long slow-moving line to check out. No shopping bags to carry as well. You can use coupons and check the best competitive prices on sites, before making any purchases.

But do you always get quality when shopping online? That might not always be case, as you don’t get to check the items before buying. There is no negotiation of price and payment methods! Your purchases might also take a longer time to reach you! And how can you be sure if the online store is safe and secure? This might cause issues and possible theft from your card. Plus, if ever you are not satisfied with your purchase, it takes days to post it back and get a new one.

In-Store Shopping 

Walking in and out of shops and trying different outfits, is a more guaranteed way to shop for some! You can speak to the sales representative who can always advise you. There are no delivery prices, cutting off the costs. If you have a soft corner for a top or shirt, you can buy it and bring it home to try. Not matching your perfect pair of jeans? Not an issue! You can take the item back and exchange it if the price tag is still on. In-Store shopping can prove to be less costly as well as there are often promotions. For instance, when a new collection appears in the shop, the old one is sold a cut-off price! And that is the best opportunity to save some money! If you want a particular item, you will not be tempted to buy other things… if you go to the right shop!

Shopping in a store is not always a dream. Think about Black Friday Shopping! No parking spots, heavy traffic and aggressive shoppers. This can be the most annoying day of your life. Shops may run out of your size as well. You can also be subjected to increased prices as shops have other costs such as rent, employee wages... and you pay for all! Plus, you might be trying clothes that others have returned!

Whichever choice you make, there are always pros and cons! Choose your easiest way out. 

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