Plan Your Bank Holidays

Did you know there are only seven bank holidays left for this year? This could be the right time to book a holiday! How about extending your long weekend by making your break coincide with them? This little strategy will most certainly keep you going strong all throughout the year!

Good Friday is on the 14th of April… it can only mean that Easter Monday falls on the 17th of April. By adding six days of your precious annual leave to this long weekend, you can plot something special. Ten days is ample time for a cruise on Nile River or an exciting adventure in the Moroccan desert. Or you can simply pack your bags and head for some memorable adventure!

Just 16 days after, you can take advantage of another long weekend. This year, Early May Bank Holiday falls on the 1st of May. It can simply be a nice weekend to chill out and have some peaceful rest. But if you are more adventurous, you could push for just a single annual leave to make the most of the warmer temperature and go on a long-distance hike to find the blooming flowers at your local park.

The 28th of May is the Spring Bank Holiday and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in more exciting outdoor activities. This is also the right time to head to Brockworth and watch people race down a steep hill… running after a large cheese ball! You may top it up with five days off work and extend the fun by taking a short trip or vacation to a location of your choice.

Four annual leaves after the August Bank holiday would be enough to give you a long nine-day break! Bid farewell to summer on 28th of August by joining the biggest street party of Notting Hill Carnival in London. The Summer Bank Holiday is the only time when you can don your favourite carnival costume and party to the Caribbean music in the street. Or you can just avoid the road congestion during this period and grab the opportunity to carry out some home improvements or embellish your garden.

And finally at the end of December, it’s once again time to tuck in the roast Turkey while being surrounded by your loved ones! By making use of just three of your annual leaves, you could have an incredible ten consecutive days off to make the most of Christmas, Boxing Day and even New Year! This would be the right occasion to celebrate the festive season and indulge in extra shopping and football matches too!

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