Richest ladies in the world in 2017


A teacher of ancient history, Walter Scheidel, once said, ‘Women with huge personal wealth is a modern phenomenon’. He is right, as more women today play an active role in managing businesses. Who doesn’t know the successful career of Ophra Winfrey for example? And how about Madonna who is among the top list of the world's wealthiest recording artists. There is a group of women though who has made a solid place among the richest persons in the world. Who are they?


Christy Walton (Net Earnings $41.7 Billion)

Christy Walton is the widow of the son of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. After the sudden death of her wealthy husband, Christy received around one sixth of his fortune. While her only son, Lukas, inherited around one third of the fortune, a huge share of the fortune was donated to charity. Having stakes in Wal-Mart, First Solar and Arvest Bank, Christy Walton earns around $41.7 billion each year! The rich lady leads a secretive and private life in Jackson, Wyoming.

Liliane Bettencourt (Net Earnings $40.1 Billion)

One of the biggest shareholders of L’Oréal, Liliane Bettencourt died at the age of 94 on the 21st of September 2017. By the time of her death, Liliane’s net worth was of $40.1 Billion. Liliane owns her riches to her father, who was the founder of the largest beauty and cosmetic company. Being the only child of the richest entrepreneur, her father’s riches was her inheritance. And after her death, rumours have it that her fortune has been passed on to her only daughter, Francoise Bettencourt-Meyer.

Alice Walton (Net Earnings $39.4 Billion)


 It is not surprising to find Alice Walton on this list; after all, she is the only daughter of the founder of Wal-Mart empire. Unlike her brothers, Alice focused on curating arts instead of taking over her father’s empire. In 2011, she inaugurated the Crystal Bridges Museum in her hometown, Bentonville. A lover of art, Alice owns an art collection which is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. As part of her father’s inheritance, Alice is the owner of Wal-Mart stores of America. She is also well-versed in economics and finance.

Jacqueline Mars (Net earnings $26.1 Billion)

Jacqueline Mars owns her fortune to a sweet company. She is one of the heiress of the largest candy maker, Mars Inc. Her two brothers and herself each acquired one third of Mars, after the death of their father. In fact, Jacqueline is very secretive about her assets and she is rarely seen in high society gatherings. The heiress has been working for her father’s company for over 20 years until 2016. The heiress is also a member of the board for huge companies like Smithsonian and National Archives.

Maria Franca Fissolo (Net earnings $25.2 Billion)


Maria Franca Fissolo is the widow of Michele Ferrero who was the founder of Ferrero Group, best known for its sensational Nutella, Kinder Surprise and Tic Tac Mint. After the tragic death of her husband, Maria has taken over the family business, and has handed the ownership to her son in 1987. Aged 98, she runs the company alongside her son, Giovanni.

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