Royal Baby

We’re getting royal fever here at Bingo Extra! And it’s not the first time of course… unless you’ve been living in a cave you probably caught some of the coverage of the Prince William and Kate hotshot wedding (whether you liked it or not!). Can you believe that was 4 years ago?! April 29th 2011 was the day that rekindled the love that the nation had for the royals in the good old days. The world sighed a collective ‘WOW’ after seeing Kate in her wedding gown, and Prince William didn’t scrub up too badly either!

For two years Kate & Will led a very happy life together as ‘the’ model royals, and we were thrilled once again when Clarence House announced that the couple were expecting. In 2013 Kate gave birth to a plump and healthy boy, little Prince George, and now in the blink of an eye, it’s already time for the next big royal event…

As you may already know Lovely Kate is pregnant again; an “Extra” Royal will be coming to the world in late April this year. But the question on everyone’s lips is, will it be a Boy or Girl? We’re eager beavers to know and like everyone else, we’re lapping up any goss we can get about our future prince or princess. The press is like crazy trying to find out the sex of the baby; however the Duchess decidedly wants to keep the “extra” suspense till she gives birth! This just feels like in a thriller movie where you are waiting to know who the culprit is!

At Bingo Extra, the home of past-times and good-times, we’ve already booked out the end of April in our calendars to welcome the little brother or sister of Prince George with the ‘Extra’ pomp is deserves. We’re expecting the same buzz in the UK as last time – bring on those fifties street parties! - and of course we’ll be passing the celebrations on you, with extra prizes and surprises to be won. Stay tuned Extra-lovers for a right royal knees-up!

In the meantime, all we can do is wait… and keep a close eye on Kate’s belly shape! We’ve heard that most worldwide fans are hoping that the Duchess will give birth to a girl, and some royal watchers with eagle eyes predicted that this may well be the case as Kate’s baby bump appears to be wider and higher than when she was expecting the charming Prince George – oooo fingers crossed! What’s more, the rumour mill is hinting that the new Royal baby may end up sharing his or her birthday with the Queen Mother – now that would be an extra royal affair!

Either way, there’s not long to wait now and we’re super-excited. Humble Kate is hiding her bump with layers of clothes in the papers today but glowing with the knowing that only mums have of which way this is going to go! Boy or Girl? Girl or boy? Get your pink and blue bunting ready roomies and keep checking back here at for new promos and prizes fit for a prince - or a princess!

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