Soap Spoilers Moment

Spoilers are canny! Some people hate them, some love them. Spoilers are not for the weak, if you can take it, go ahead and read. Let your palms get sweaty and the impatience till the next episode grow. This week’s spoilers are about Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale. Keep scrolling, if you’re in…



At The Square, the Taylors are up to no good. Josh continues to try his luck, but wants to be honest with Lauren. But Steven is still spying; will he soon regret his actions? Meanwhile, Michelle my belle agrees to go out on ANOTHER date with her Tube stalker; hunky Tom! On the other hand, Louise talks to Phil about moving schools.


Once again, Steven rejects Abi. Yes, he rejected her again! He explained what he heard on Friday and tells her how he got his eye on Lauren now. Soon after Lauren meets up with Josh, she tells him how she doesn’t love Steven and that she’s going to end things soon. Meanwhile, Karen makes Bernadette admit who the father of her child is, but goes off with no luck.

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Coronation Street


As Billy worries about Summer, Todd covertly devises a plan. While Adam hands over his signed contract to Todd, he suggests that he takes on Summer’s case. He states that she’s only a child while he’s happy to pass the buck.  Summer soon finds out that her meeting is with Todd. He puts her at ease in the meeting and she spills out her feelings about her father. Is he twisting her mind?

On the other hand, Dev gets Kevin and Anna over for dinner. While Anna is pleased, Kevin and Erica exchange glances. Erica is back from shopping and shows Anna a dress she bought for their evening. Matthew calls in the factory with flowers for Jenny. Jonny is boiling with jealousy.


Dev reopens his shop. Erica finds it hard to share his interest but helps by handing out some fliers. Liz is all packed up ready for the move. Erica visits feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders. On the other hand, Kevin confides in Rosie about how Anna backs up when he affectionately approaches her. Erica confides in Liz, telling her that she and Dev have lost their spark. Liz gives her advice and later, Erica books a hotel and asks Kevin to join her for some fun. Will he go?

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Lawrence tries to please Lachlan hoping he’ll be of help in the near future. And Laurel finally speaks to Arthur about the “bed incidents.” He’s very embarrassed.


Emma’s afraid that his lies might be coming to an end. Then, Laurel confronts her to try to get Emma to speak about recent events. Laurel listens to the freshly baked lies and is horrified to learn that Ashley’s tapes have been ruined. Emma interrupts Arthur when he gives his part of the story. Laurel gets tired of Emma and sends her out. Will Arthur tell the truth? Meanwhile, Robert gets amazing requests about an investment.

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