Stars of the 50s

Even though the heydays of the stars of the 50’s may date back to a few decades ago, they are still as popular and good looking as ever! Let’s have a look at some of the glamorous and legendary starlets that are still going strong!

Dame Joan Collins is mostly known for her lead role in Dynasty, as the glamourous Alexis Carrington. Today, at the age of 84, this British actress is still very much active on the screen. Did you know that Dame Joan is currently starring in The Royal, the E! drama series? She was made a Dame in 2015 by Queen Elizabeth II for her countless services to charity. When asked about the secrets of her age defying look, the actress denied having                                                                                  gone under the scalpel of a surgeon. Instead she revealed that she keeps her skin out of                                                                                    the sun and avoids putting on weight.

Betty White

Betty White, the 8 times Emmy Awards winner, is still acting at the age of 95! The Golden Girl has the longest television career. She has been on television for almost as long as television has been around?  This comedy actress first appeared on our screen in the 50’s, and since then she hasn’t looked back. She is highly recognised as being the first lady to produce a sitcom known as ‘Life with Elizabeth’ in 1953. Do you know any 95-year-old lady who has a social media profile? Not so long ago, Betty even created an Instagram account.


Petula Clark

Petula Clark sang ‘Downtown’ in 1955 and ‘This is my song’ in 1967, the number 1 UK Hit that was writing by Charlie Chaplin. This Grammy Hall of Famer is still very active and radiant at the tender age of 84. One of the most popular movie where she played in is ‘Goodbye Mr. Chips’. Nowadays, she can be seen performing in numerous locations around the world. Did you know that she started her career as a child entertainer on a radio show of the BBC during World War II? Today, this English singer has a global record sales of nearly £50 million around the world!

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