The Story of Ralph The Dog

Have you ever heard the story of Ralph, the irresistible golden retriever? This dog has the habit of waiting for his female friend at the end of the classes every single day! Their amazing story started through a gate. Ralph’s patience of a saint is worth saluting; imagine yourself waiting for somebody the whole day until the last bell rings… just for a quick cuddle! Isn’t that sweet?!

What’s surprising about their bond is that the young girl was a stranger to Ralph! Daily, Ralph would peek under the school gate just to have a glimpse of Elisa, a 17-year-old student. This routine continued for a while until Elisa noticed the stunning mongrel one day.

Their friendship finally fell in place when Elisa’s friend noticed how Ralph was looking for her attention. Ralph was sitting quietly like an obedient dog, and being a dog lover, she could not help but notice his golden beauty. However, she was quite hesitant to approach him. She remembered her doting mother’s warning of not approaching or petting any animal that she is not familiar to.

For a moment, Elisa tried not to think of the warning of her mother, and she went ahead to pet the pink nosed dog. That day, a true friendship was born. Since then, Elisa does not miss a chance to say hello or goodbye to her buddy when she passes by the gate. The goodbyes are hard for Ralph, and he always try to prevent her from going away by gently tugging her fingers in his mouth. After Elisa leaves for home, Ralph always look forward to see her the next day.

One day, Elisa saw Ralph out for a walk with his human. At first she wasn’t sure if it was him, but Ralph’s pink nose confirmed that it was indeed him. She twiddled to approach them, as she feared the reaction of the owner if Ralph would jump on her out of excitement. But Elisa’s bond with Ralph was so strong that she swiftly made her way to them, brushing any sense of fear away.

The owner was quite surprised of the unique bond between the two, and he could not help but admire the unconditional friendship between Elisa and Ralph. That’s when Elisa got to know more about her friend from the owner.

Now the only thing standing between their amazing and astonishing friendship is Elisa’s graduation from school this year. Will Ralph find a new buddy or will Elisa put in some effort to keep their friendship alight?

Yesterday was World’s Best Friends Day; however, this is celebrated every day by most people. Ralph and Elisa’s story symbolises one of the most fascinating friendships ever. Your best friend might be a bird, snake, dog, cat, fish or your bingo friend in the bingo rooms at Bingo Extra! Don’t forget to tell them what a difference they make in your life and how much you appreciate them.

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