The secrets of the Colosseum

It is a known fact that mankind has been fond of gambling since the start of civilisation. While some gamble to earn extra funds, others might do it only for the thrill of it or just to try their luck. Whatever the reason, gambling has always been the prevalent pastime of humans.  

In the primeval world, the Romans were habitual gamblers. From servants to kings and craftsman to senator, all different social classes participated in gambling activities. Despite that all forms of gambling were illegal during those days; it was still a daily form of entertainment. The remains of a tavern near an abandoned camp was the usual ‘casino’, and tables made of rock were found in there.

However, during the Saturnalia Festival, the game of dice was allowed only for one day. At that time, there were two types of dice games. The first one being a board game and another one where you only throw the dices and bet.  The board consisted of 36 squares on which there were different symbols such as leaves, numbers and letters. Three dices were thrown, each having six sides. The luckiest score was 18, but those having only one dot, had to pay a fine. Ancient writings and paintings found on the walls of Pompeii revealed that, many fights occurred during those gambling days, as cheating was not an unusual practice.  Some of these paintings represent men sitting with a board on their knees and while others were roman terms such as ‘I am out’ (Exis) or ‘Leave my place if you want to fight’ (Foris Rixsatis).

As a matter of fact, the Emperor Augustus himself, was a happy gambler. He used to bet during all roman festivals and shared his gambling tales with his son-in-law through letters. He would speak about his losses, his potential winnings and his co-betting partners. However, while Augustus was ruling over Rome, moral standards were questioned. Rich people and the rulers believed that the Emperor was more into gambling rather than ruling in favor of his people.

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