Without any doubts, the Royal family is the most popular dynasty and being public figures, their lives are somehow like open books. But there are still a few things that not everyone might know about them! Keep reading and discover some of their secrets which might surprise you!


  • Her Highness, Queen Elizabeth, hates the smell of garlic! Thus, her food is prepared with utmost care without any garlic. Actually, garlic is not allowed in any of her food.
  • The Royal family never eats shellfish when they eat out as they avoid any risks of getting food poisoning. Also, they do not consume red meat as well- no steaks or frites allowed on William and Kate’s date night.
  • Even if you are part of the Royal family, you won’t ever be invited to any dinner at the Royal House if you ever wear jeans and a t-shirt to a royal family dinner!

  • The Queen’s breakfast routine has never changed! Since years, she eats the same simple breakfast every day consisting of dried fruits, nuts and cornflakes.
  • At a royal dinner, you must always have one eye on your food and one eye on the Queen. Why? Because if the Queen stops eating, you should stop too! And, if the Queen puts her purse on the table, you have few minutes to finish your meal and to leave the table.
  • Whenever Her Highness goes out with Prince Philip, the latter must always stay two steps behind her. It’s just a strict rule that should always be followed!
  • Royal tea parties are at the next level! The teacup handle must be held with the thumb and the index finger only while the middle finger holds the bottom. And, the tea-drinkers must sip from the same spot so that they do not get lipstick all over the cup.
  • You might remember seeing pictures of the Royals wearing fur. But as per a proclamation from King Edward II back in the 12th century, the royal ladies are not allowed to wear fur at all.
  • The Royal family members are not allowed to use any nicknames in public. After all, nicknames are too casual for them. Unless… you’re the Prince George and you’re calling her Highness “Gan Gan”!
  • As a matter of utmost security, the heirs of the Royal family must always travel separately. It’s all about being the next one in line.



 Every family has some secrets and so does the Royal family!



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