Top 3 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in UK


Usually seen in the most hazardous corners of the country, lighthouses and the people who worked in them have kept sailors safe and sound for decades. Now that a modern era of automated lighthouses has been created, ancient lighthouses are more nostalgic, historical and romantic destinations. Here are some remarkable lighthouses which silently stand and guard over the coasts of UK.



Perch Rock Lighthouse, New Brighton

The lighthouse at New Brighton looks across the Mersey when views from the Pier. It stands next to the Perch Rock Fort. This historical monument has known the day in 1827 when the Mayor of Liverpool laid the first stone. However, it was completed only in 1830, as the work was getting done only when the tides were low. Few years later in 1973, the lighthouse ceased operation. But, it started to light up again in 2005 after a massive renovation. The lighthouse has ever since become a symbol of remembrance for the local residents.


St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

Between the tides, St Mary’s is a small island which is fascinating and appealing. This small island is also home to a lighthouse, which was the main saviour of sailors for centuries. The St Mary’s Lighthouse was built in 1898, and was highly to the advantage of sea travellers. It was operational until 1984, before being overshadowed by modern navigational technologies. Ever since, this lighthouse has been converted into a visitor centre by the North Tyneside council. This area is perfect for some fun times as it is also made of grassland, beach, wetlands and an area of rockpools.

South Stack Lighthouse, Isle of Anglesey

South Stack Lighthouse was constructed in 1809 on the coast of Holy Island. It is easily reachable from the mainland.  Despite that the lighthouse is no longer operational, there are regular tours to its engine room where there is also a small exhibition area. Visitors are also allowed to get to the top of the lighthouse to get a closeup view of how the lights used to work. This tower rises to 28 meters and the intensity of its light reached 1,370,000 candelas back in the day. South to the lighthouse, there is a wonderful location which is home to seabirds like razorbills, puffins and guillemots… the tour of this lighthouse is a worth one.

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