The best part about the holiday season is when you get comfy in the sofa with extra blankets and pillows watching wonderful Christmas movies with your favourite wine and snacks. These movies are simply amazing as they immediately bring on the magic feel of Christmas, but have you watched the best Christmas movies of all time? Let’s discover them now.

The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

Released in 1940, The Shop Around the Corner, is a great movie directed by Ernst Lubitsch. This black and white movie tells the story of two different people who end up falling in love with each other. Alfred and Klara are both employees at Matuschek, a store in Budapest. The pair are always on each other’s back, and keep fighting like cats and dogs. But they have one thing in common… they each are emotionally attached to their respective pen pals. And through the numerous letters, they fall in love with each other, without knowing that they are writing to each other. Will they be surprised or shocked when they learn the truth?

Holiday Inn (1942)

This Irving Berlin musical is all about love, heartbreak and Christmas. Lila (Virginia Dale), Jim (Fred Astaire) and Ted (Bing Crosby) form a musical act together. Lily and Jim had plans to quit the band and live on a farm. But after Lila states that she’s fallen in love with Ted, Jim leaves heartbroken. Jim does his own thing and open a holiday inn on the farm which later became very popular. This is where he meets Linda and falls in love with her. But there’s a twist in the story- after getting dumped by Lila, Ted comes to the inn and he sets his eyes on … Linda. It’s an absolutely delightful movie with the best actors of all time.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Directed by Frank Capra, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is a movie which have stolen many hearts when it was released in 1946. This movie is about George Bailey who is tired of living and wishes he had never been born. One day, his thoughts come true and an angel is sent on earth to execute his wish. The angel shows George how life would have been if he does not exist. It is only then that the young man realises how many lives he changed and how important he’s always been.

Santa 1

Miracle on 34th Street or The Big Heart (1947)

Miracle on 34th Street was released in 1974, and is also known as The Big Heart. The story is about Kris who is assigned to play Santa in a parade. His mission is to tell a little girl who has been raised not to believe in fairy tales that Santa in fact exists. Kirk even insists that he is actually Santa! The story becomes even more interesting when Kris starts to reconcile rivals and bring on the real Christmas spirit. But is Kris really Santa Claus? That is the main question of the movie.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Jim Carrey transformed into the Grinch for this movie, which is an adaptation of Dr Seuss’ novel of the same title. The Grinch lives alone in a garbage dump and despises human and their jolly season. To seek revenge for having been cast out for his different appearance, he steals all the gifts! While he executes his plan, he meets his former love… how does the story end? A beautiful surprise!

Enjoy the best Christmas films of all time as …as the lights begin to twinkle… ‘tis is the season to be jolly!

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