Did you catch the recent viral video of the Texan lady and her Chewbacca mask? It’s hilarious, we love it! The nation has been watching it again and again… and it gets funnier every time!

No wonder it got over 150 million views on social media. And guess what… the official Chewbacca mask has sold out online since!

We all know that Chewbacca is a Star Wars character, but this recent resurgence peaked our interest here at Bingo Extra – who is the real Chewbacca and why is he so well-loved? We looked into it…

  • Did you know that Chewbacca was a married ‘man’ before getting into the adventure? Sorry ladies! He was happily living with his wife Malla, on planet Kashyyyk before his life changed completely and he was captured for prey in Star Wars’ hunting games.
  • Chewbacca was then saved by Han Solo who became his companion, and from that day on it became his mission to save the galaxy.
  • The strong hairy giant is only 200 years old. Standing at 8 feet tall, his character was played by ‘Peter Mayhew’, a 7 foot 3 British American actor – yup, he’s real!
  • We conclude that for Chewbacca to be one of the world’s all-time favourite characters, it must be because of his loyalty, bravery and strength. Believe it or not, this monster has a mushy heart under his shell – aww!

We were particularly curious to know how this creature, straight from George Lucas’ imagination, got his voice that is so special and recognisable. The answer is this: his unique voice comes from recordings of bears, lions, tigers, camels and some other animals to simply emit a single sound... W-O-W!

Now here’s the best bit: YOU can make Chewbacca noise too! Yes, you can growl just like him by following our easy tutorials on the Bingo Extra social media channels: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Learn how to roll your tongue roll with us now!    

May the force be with you at BingoExtra.com!

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