The market town of Ramsbottom, in Greater Manchester is set to welcome hundreds of visitors this Sunday 11th of September as competitors prepare to lob black puddings!

Yes, you’ve heard it right! As weird as it may sound, you can really chuck black puddings for the crazy and out of ordinary annual event of the World Black Pudding Throwing Championships!

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The objective of the contestants during this fun and lively championships is to knock off as many Yorkshire puddings from a platform that’s 25ft high using three black puddings each. And whoever dislodges the most Yorkshire puddings is hailed as the winner.

According to legends, this extraordinary tradition originates from an event during the War of the Roses back in the 1400’. Armies from the Royal houses of York and Lancaster ran out of ammunition and started throwing food at each other for battle in Stubbins. Lancashire resorted to use black puds as ammunition, while Yorkshire used Yorkshire puds. This medieval food fight made its resurgence back in the 1980s and has since been one of the main traditional event of the small town of Ramsbottom each year.

This historic rivalry between Yorkshire and Lancashire is still celebrated outside The Oaks Pub on Bridge Street, in Ramsbottom, and it is then followed by the entertaining Pudstock music festival. Last year’s competition was won by 52 year old British builder, Mark Cannon who won a £100 cash prize and a trophy!

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