X-Factor recap with Bingo Extra

Suspense filled the air last Sunday on the Live results 1 when all spotlights were directed to the scene for the results. Bratavio, singing ‘The only way is up - Yazz’, were in the sing-off against Saara Aalto who tried her luck with ‘Alive - Sia’. The pair were finally the first to exit the competition. Simon described the sing-off performances as “… a horse race with a guinea pig versus a race horse”. Their colourful costumes will surely be missed.

Gifty Louis won standing ovation of all four juries after performing Fifth Harmony’s That’s my Girl! Until now, she is our favourite among the female contestants. Matt Terry got our attention with Grace’s You Don’t Own Me. Such powerful and confident voice! He’s now 6-4 to be crowned series champion in front of second favourite Emily Middlemas. Her odds are 4-1. Rellec C did an amazing performance too with Mary Mary’s Shackles.

The latest gossips have it that Honey G has divided viewers since her first appearance. Fans of the show are debating over whether she should remain on the live shows or not. Her questionable vocal talents and bizarre sense of style are not backing her up either. Contestants ‘Yes Lads’ even claimed that they thought that the rapper was actually planted by producers as a wind-up…who knows!

Until then, the game is not over yet as there is still a long way to go to the final scheduled on the 11th of December. The other contestants have enough time to develop their singing talent and impress us, don’t you think so?

We are biting our nails to see what they will come up with on Saturday. The theme is inspiring, Motown! Some of them might find this step a challenging one.

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