Hey bean! Lend your ears to the recent big winner who has brought the mummies out of the sarcophagi after winning a total of £1,219 on the Lost Slot of Riches! 

So, what’s the tale of this nightingale? It was during the month of love, whilst the doves swarmed the sky, that scampy1234 joined us on this trip to the good ol’ days, least expecting a win as big to swell her heart. 

Like any other day, scampy1234 logged into her Bingo Extra account to fire up her play-time... but Lady Luck must have sprinkled some extra lucky dust on scampy’s pancakes as it only took her a few spins on the Egyptian themed exclusive slot game to win £1,219! 

It wasn’t by braving any sandstorm or whilst digging up in the Valley of the Kings that scampy1234 got hold the wins, but on 5 of a kind winning combination.

While catching a glimpse of the hieroglyphs found on the ancient structure of the reels, scampy1234 ear drums danced on a typical Egyptian tune! The Lost Slot of Riches features amongst the exclusive games found at our site, which means that you will find the game to play here and now, but nowhere else!

Bingo Extra will razz your berries with the features found on The Lost Slot of Riches slots! With the great Tutankhamen golden mask symbol as wild, you will get to give your prizes a double twist! The blast doesn’t end there as you may use 3, 4 or 5 such symbols to turn up 15, 20 or 25 free games respectively, in which you will find your prizes three fold! The doors to the riches will open up for you when lining up 3 or more scatter symbols!

Later gator, until we see another win at your hip and happening bingo site; Bingo Extra! 

Bingo Extra

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