“Brilliant, I love playing Cleopatra and I am glad it did pay!”

These are the words of jubilation that T.A. uttered after unearthing big wins totalling £2,000 on Cleopatra Slot at Bingo Extra!

Ancient Egypt holds many secrets and T.A., 50, from Lancashire, has just discovered some of its buried treasures. Perhaps it was the timeless beauty of Cleopatra that attracted her to this game.

Already a Bingo Extra fan since joining a month ago, this lucky player has been taking full advantage of the large number of entertaining slots found on the site. 5x Magic, Cleopatra, and Flowers are some of the top slots she has been playing.

For centuries Cleopatra has been the subject of great admiration for her great beauty, intellect, power, and also her love triangle with Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar. Now you can experience the mysteries of Egypt by taking a trip down the Nile with Cleopatra Slot.

Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, is the main character of the game. The reels will lead you to a hidden chamber adorned with golden hieroglyphs inside a pyramid, where scarab beetles, the eye of Horus, and other ancient artefacts appear as symbols.

The Sphinx is the key to the Free Spins feature on this 5 reels, 20 pay-lines game, where you will see your wins tripled on 15 free spins.

Do you want to search for more hidden treasures? Prolong your Ancient Egyptian adventure at bingoextra.com by playing other Egyptian themed slots like Tutankhamun, Riches of Ra, Temple of Isis, The Lost Slot of Riches, and Pharaoh’s Luck!

The charm and wit of Cleopatra are everlasting, and so is the fun on the retro themed Bingo Extra!

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Won on: Cleopatra

Won amount: 2,000

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