Scratch 4 Gold

Scratch 4 Gold scratchandarcade

UK’s favourite retro style online bingo site – Bingo Extra brings to you Scratch 4 Gold scratch-card game. This superb creation of Core Gaming is themed after gold! The layout is quite impressive, where you will find nuggets of gold scattered. The game is a 4 panel scratch card that has a fixed stake value of £1. Each panel comes with set win values. To begin this highly entertaining game, you simply have to click on ‘Buy Card’. Once done, a short animation will come on screen. Opting for the ‘Other Cards’ button will take you back to the relevant game selection screen where you can pick another Scratch 4 game from the series.

Once the game begins, the ‘Buy Card’ button will alter to become the ‘Reveal’ button. Clicking on this button will uncover each of the 4 scratch areas in turn from top left to bottom right. Your aim once the game has begun is to wipe the foil away from each of the 4 spots on the card. This is done by holding or dragging a finger over the significant area. As you wipe the panels, the values of that spot are revealed along with an extra effect, which is the foil falling away.

For the panel to be considered complete, you must wipe over 80% of each panel. Each panel must be thorough before the card itself can be considered as finished and any win awarded to you or the game finished. You win on Panel 1 situated top left of the scratch card interface by uncovering the number 4 from a set of 6 single digit values. You win on Panel 2 that’s located top right of the scratch card interface by unveiling number 4 as the result of one of 2 simple math sums. The value that you can win is concealed below the 2 sums behind the ‘Prize’ spot. This must be wiped to uncover the value.

You win on Panel 3 that’s situated bottom left of the scratch card interface by getting any 3 symbols from a set of 9 symbols in a 3x3 grid. The pay-table displaying the likely win values is located on the right of the foil. These prizes will be awarded for correctly getting similar symbols.  You win on Panel 4 that’s situated at the bottom right of the scratch card interface when any 3 values from a set of 9 values show up in a 3x3 grid.

If you land on a win when a card is finished, the total win from all 4 panels is briefly shown in a popup on the scratch card.

The pays that you can seize on Scratch 4 Gold are £5 on Panel 1, £1 to £10,000 on Panel 2, £1 to £10,000 on Panel 3 and £1 to £10,000 on Panel 4.

Get ready to take possession of the golden wins on Scratch 4 Gold as well as more exciting scratch card games at Bingo Extra such as Scratch 4 Rubies, Scratch 4 Emerald and Scratch 4 Diamonds. Join Bingo Extra now on mobile, desktop or tablet to play!