Scratch 4 Rubies

Scratch 4 Rubies scratchandarcade

The top UK online bingo site – Bingo Extra that brings you the extra at your doorstep presents Scratch 4 Rubies scratch-card. This excellent creation of Core Gaming is themed after the precious stone Ruby. As the world’s most valued gemstones for thousands of years, the ruby is believed to be surrounded with multitude of legends and strange beliefs of ancient times. Holding the colour of love, Ruby stone radiates warmth and a strong sense of energy. The stone has everything a precious stone should have. These are outstanding brilliance, magnificent colour and excellent hardness.

Scratch 4 Rubies scratch-card stake is fixed at £2 on all games. With a reddish background overlooking scattered bits of ruby stones. You will find two buttons at hand – Buy Card and Other Cards. Clicking on the ‘Buy Card’ button will make the game start. A special effect will briefly occur before the cards are ready to be scratched. This will deactivate the ‘Other Cards’ button. The ‘Play’ button will be altered to ‘Reveal’ button. Clicking on it will uncover all scratch panels. Hitting the ‘Other Cards’ button will give you the option to select the other Scratch 4 games from the series.

You will come across 4 scratch panels per card each with set win values on Scratch 4 Rubies. The prizes awarded are fixed and displayed on top of each panel. Your objective here is to wipe the foil away from all 4 areas on the card. You may do this by holding and dragging a finger over the significant area. You will find a special effect on this game, where you will find the foil falling away as you wipe the values. A game round is considered as completed when each panel has been wiped over 80%. You have to finish each panel for the game to be considered as completed and also before the game end or any win is awarded.

You can win a game on Panel 1 by uncovering a ‘4’. This will award £10. On Panel 2, your objective is to reveal number 4 as the outcome of a maths sum. The prize for this Panel can randomly be £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1,000, £5,000 or £25,000. On Panel 3, you will have to match 3 identical symbols to win £2, £10, £50, £500, £1,000 or £25,000. On Panel 4, your aim is to match 3 values to win £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1,000, £5,000, £25,000. Once a win is awarded, this will display as a sum of all wins awarded.

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