Supreme Football

Supreme Football scratchandarcade

Enjoy football with a twist on Supreme Football at Bingo Extra! It is an innovative game by IGT which offers instant wins. Since its main theme is football, get ready for lots of fun as you enjoy the game! It comes with lifelike graphics showing a stadium and a pitch, seen from the cloakrooms. The symbols you can come across on the game are Jerseys, Footballs, Football Players and X. Feel the excitement grow as the crowd waits for the match to begin. The players are about to enter the pitch. Are you ready too?

In football, when a player commits mistakes during a match, he is shown a yellow or red card. Do you know what they mean? A yellow card serves as an initial warning to the player, so that the mistake is not repeated. However, if it happens again, a second yellow card is issued. The player can still play in the match. But when it is a red card, the player cannot be part of the match and must leave the pitch immediately. Guess what, during a match between Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero in Paraguay in 1993, 20 red cards were issued! Enjoy an equally exciting match on Supreme Football.

Supreme Football comes with different ticket costs. Make use of the right and left arrows to adjust them and click on Buy to confirm. During the game, either reveal the prize values hidden beneath the Jerseys one by one or hit “Reveal All” to uncover all of them. It automatically plays the game until all your selections are made. It can also be cancelled at any point during the game. Your goal is to find 3 prize values in a row. Are you up for it?

Make the most of the bonus round on Supreme Football! It displays 10 targets on the screen. Pick one of them to reveal a Football Player or an X. See your instant win bonus cup value increase if it is a Football Player. On the screen, you can find a cup with the following payouts: $1.00, $2.50, $5.00, $25.00 and $100.00. When you collect 3 X symbols, the round ends. All the prize values won are credited to your total balance. Enjoy this rewarding feature!

Supreme Football offers you a fun and easy gameplay, along with vivid graphics which enhance your gaming experience. Get the chance to boost up the prize values you may trigger during the bonus round. You can enjoy this game on a PC, mobile or tablet as it adjusts to any kind of display. Wear your boots and jerseys to join the football champions on the pitch and get ready for several hours of entertainment.

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