Tripoll scratchandarcade

Want to enjoy a cool dice game? Check out Tripoll at Bingo Extra! Created by IGT, Tripoll consists of 6 rows with 6 coloured arrows and a pentagon shaped board with 3 dice. On the background, you can see a table with a green tablecloth, on which there is a cup of black coffee, a pencil and a notepad. This game promises lots of fun as you roll the dice in a homely atmosphere and match the values to earn a prize. The main symbols found on Tripoll are numbers and dice.

Did you know that the dice was not only a gambling device long ago? In ancient times, people used it to predict the future. It was also used to determine the name of a new-born child in some early civilisations. It may seem surprising that a small cube with dots could do these. However, people used to firmly believe in the dice and even considered it as magical.

Start enjoying Tripoll by picking one of the following bet values: £0.50, £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 and £10.00. On the 6 rows, find 6 coloured arrows. The pentagon shaped board with the 3 dice is found on the left. Next, press one of the coloured arrows to reveal the prize value for every row. The dice cup then rolls the dice and uncover their values. If the total value of the 3 dice matches the target number, the row’s corresponding prize is awarded. Make use of the Auto Play option to speed things up and enjoy several rounds played in rapid succession.

If 2 of the dice on Tripoll display the same values, you win a double prize. If 3 of them show the same values, seize tripled prize. Make the most of 3 winning opportunities per game. However, non-winning games always have a minimum of 2 Near-Win experiences. It is a turn during which the target figure is between 1 and 6, more than the sum of the first 2 dice rolls.

There are 6 types of target figures on Tripoll, such as:

  • A target of 3 or 18.
  • A target of 4, 5, 16 or 17.
  • A target of 6, 7, 14 or 15.
  • A target of 8 or 13.
  • A target of 9 or 12.
  • A target of 10 or 11.

These target figures do not appear in any order and each dice roll on each turn returns a value of 1 to 6. When all the 6 rows are played through, a closing message appears on the screen to reveal the outcome on Tripoll. 

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