Word Candy

Word Candy scratchandarcade

Now you can grab some sweet wins on the exciting Word Candy instant win scratchcard game. This game is a beautiful creation of Core Gaming and it can be found at one of UK’s favourite bingo site – BingoExtra.com. Cakes and chocolate bars is the theme of this game, where your objective is to find alphabets within a superb crossword grid. On the purple background, you will find a paytable on the left, a crossword grid on the middle, and a chocolate panel on the right where 27 alphabets have been hidden.

A single stake value of £3 is applicable for each game played and it cannot be changed. And the stake value is displayed on the bottom right hand side corner of the scratch card.

Once Word Candy is loaded, you will firstly find a tutorial of how the game functions. By pressing on the Buy Card button you can start a new game, where a short animation will reveal the chocolate bar panel with chocolate squares. The Buy button is then transformed into an Auto Pick button. 18 chocolate letter squares are randomly selected when you click on the Auto Pick button, and it will reveal the corresponding matching letters found on the crossword grid. Without selecting the auto pick mode, you can select the chocolate squares with hidden letters that are spread over three cards by clicking on the left or right arrows.

Only 18 chocolate squares can be selected out of a total of 27 available squares. When each chocolate square selection is made, a letter is revealed. If the revealed letter matches a letter on the crossword grid, the crossword will automatically be filled with that particular letter. 3 or more activated word during a game will award you a prize. If you are unable to fill three or more words during all 18 picks, the game will end. And when 3 or more words are found, their respective value are paid out.

You can receive a guaranteed win of 10x your card value when a Golden Ticket appears when you click on the Buy Card button. Cherries revealed during this game move to a cherry pot until 3 of them are collected. 3 Cherries will trigger the Bonus feature once you have made all your chocolate square picks. This feature will lead you a bonus screen where you will discover a lollipop and a three tier cake, where word consisting of 5, 6, and 7 letters are found on tier 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Pressing on the lollipop will spill out three words and this can be done 3 times. Words on the cake tiers are then filled accordingly. Any filled word will award the prize according to the tiers where it is found. The Bonus feature can even occur on a game where no win is awarded.

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